I should be ..

.. studying for tomorrow's math test. You know, it's been a month or two, I've been receiving only bad marks. Like from physics, math or economy. I HATE it. Sincerely. I'm never going to need it, not even use it, so why the fuck do I have to learn?! Ok, sorry. I should stop complaining about everything, right?

 Yesterday I spent evening with friends from UK and I learnt to play one chord on guitar (I'm awesome, right? Haha.) Andddd it was amazing. We were singing, playing guitar, doing quizz (I was told that British people LOVE to do quizzes, is that true?)

Today I've borrowed The Importance of Being Earnest from library and I'm going to read it after finishing Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk (do you know him? If you don't you have to go straight to the nearest library or whatever and have any book written by him. You should start with Invisible monsters. Best one.)

Ok enough of talking/writing/whatever for today.
See ya,peeps.

xx M

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